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Bingo Glossary

Bingo glossary is a list of popular Bingo terminology including modern Bingo jargon and slang. Before you find a suitable Bingo site and start trying your luck, it is important that you are familiar with commonly used Bingo terms.

A basic idea of frequently used Bingo language proves a benefit when playing Bingo for the first time. Knowing Bingo lingo is also considered as a basic Bingo strategy, as it saves you from any sort of any confusion during the game.

Traditional Bingo glossary:

Admission packet-It is the minimum number of Bingo cards that a player has to buy as an admission price. An admission packet usually consists of 3 to 6 cards for different Bingo rounds.

Bingo booklets-Bingo booklet is basically a bunch of Bingo cards stapled together in a book form.

Bingo Marker-It is the pen or crayon used for marking numbers on the Bingo card, in the order of being called.

Blower-It is a device that uses air pressure to mix and shuffle the ball and move them forward to the Bingo caller.

Caller-Caller is the person who announces each number after drawing them one by one.

Game Board-Game board is an electronic board next to the Bingo board. It works by showing the different winning patterns required to win Bingo.

On -A Bingo player is referred to as 'On' when he or she is playing with card/cards that need only one number to complete a winning pattern.

Quickie -Quickie is when caller announces numbers rapidly and players must mark all the announced numbers, as quickly as possible.

Table Board Bingo -It is a Bingo game possessing similarity to lottery, as players buy their table board card to arrange numbers on the board with an aim of completing a winning a pattern.

Online Bingo Glossary

Bingo chat room -It is a messenger screen where players get to exchange messages with other players, discuss the game and share experiences.

Automatic Dauber-It is an electronic Bingo marker that automatically and instantly marks numbers on the card for the players.

Minimum Buy-in-It is minimum amount of money to be spent in a Bingo game to qualify for the winning prize amount.

Payout-It is the sales percentage paid by the House.

Bingo Progressive Jackpot -Progressive jackpot is the jackpot money that gets on accumulated with every passing day, until someone wins it.

Random Number Generator -RNG is the electronic software used by Bingo websites to pick up the numbers on unbiased and random basis. This maintains the fair play in a Bingo game.

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