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Bingo is good for Health

Bingo is a game which not only offers the players with entertainment but it also helps them to attain good health. According to the research carried out by the University of Southampton's Psychology Department, the regular players of Bingo tend to have a good mental health. Bingo helps in making the mind sharp which proves to be beneficial especially for the older people which forms a high percentage of Bingo players. The University conducted the experiment to prove the relation between Bingo and good health. In this 112 people were selected and were divided into two age groups- 18 to 40 and 60 to 82. The experiment was made random as half of the each group comprised of regular players and other half consisted of non-players. The two groups were tested on their mental agility and

it was shown clearly that the regular players were more quick and accurate than the non-players. It was also shown that the older people who were the regular players proved to be better in the test than the younger players. Some of the ways in which Bingo helps in improving the health of its players are -

Increases the Brain fitness

Bingo is good for brain and this has been proved by the University of Southampton’s psychology department. According to them the bingo players have better mental skills, better memory and learning ability then the non-players as playing Bingo allows the players to flex their concentration muscle along with stimulating their hand-eye coordination. The players playing the strategy games like chess or checkers are mostly the intelligent people who makes use of the previously stored information in their mind but in case of Bingo the players use the simple skills and alertness which helps in boosting their brain functions. So playing Bingo cannot make the players intelligent but it can help in enhancing the brain functions.

Good Health with Laughter

The Bingo halls offer a platform to the players for socialization. Older people forms the maximum percentage of the Bingo players. The gathering in Bingo halls not only offer the players a place to play but almost all the Bingo halls are full of laughter and enjoyment of the players. Laughter and enjoyment is always good for the health of older people as well as for the people of any ages.

Serves as a purpose

Playing Bingo serves as a purpose of being happy and enjoyment for the older people. Mostly the older people get into depression or fall ill as they do not have any purpose to be happy or enjoy their lives. Playing Bingo serves as a stress booster and helps in enhancing their immune system.

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