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Bingo Superstitions and Luck


The growing popularity of Bingo worldwide is also leading to an increase in various superstitions and lucky charms among the players. Bingo is a game of luck as the set strategies can only enhance the chances of winning, but the major part in winning is played by the luck of the player. In the game of Bingo all the players have equal chances of winning, but still there are some players who are the regular winners of the game and this is attributed to their 'dumb luck'. There is no advance theory or computer program that can provide explanation for Dumb Luck.

Everyone plays to win and some of the players make use of various luck charms and superstitious belief for winning. Some of the popular superstitions used by the players are-

Lucky Charms

According to a research it has been found that 3 out of 4 players carry good luck charms with them. Lucky charms can be in the form of lucky socks, some lucky ornaments, gemstones, rabbit's feet, four-leaf clover key chains, troll dolls, dice,etc. The players carrying the lucky charms can be easily identified as there lucky charms can be seen lying on their tables, as it is believed that the lucky charms need to be displayed during the game.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers carry a great importance in people's daily lives also. Bingo players usually take the Bingo cards with their lucky numbers. Sometimes if a player wins numerous times due to a particular number then the player automatically forms a believe that the number is lucky for him.

Many Bingo players strongly believe in superstitions like Lucky numbers can help them to win the game. Different people have different believes like many people consider 7 to be a lucky number and in the same way 13 is considered to be unlucky by many people.

Lucky seats

There are some players who consider a particular seat to be lucky for them. That is the reason they prefer sitting on their lucky seat every time they come to play the game. According to such players sitting on their lucky seat will help them to win the game.

Lucky Pens

Many superstitious players carry their lucky pen and mark the numbers on the Bingo card with it as they believe with this they would be able to win the game. These players consider the dropping of pen to be unlucky so they replace that pen and continue their game with a new pen. Pens with blue ink are considered lucky by them.

Lucky Money

During the Bingo game some players consider placing of coins on the table to be lucky for them. But on the other hand some players believe that money lying on the table bring bad luck. So the superstitious belief varies from player to player but at the fact is that Bingo is like any other lottery game, which depends upon the chance.

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