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Bingo then and now

Bingo has risen from being a game played with beans and wooden planks to becoming electronic entrainment. Online Bingo is a result of revolution in technology, but back in 15th century, when Bingo was born, it was hard to imagine all these benefits of online Bingo games and bonuses.

Journey of Bingo

Bingo has a history that goes back to 15th century, when it was a weekly lottery game played in Italy. The Italian lottery had become a rage by the end of 15th century and was also seen being played in France.

With its ability to capture a person's attention, the game landed in Germany as a carnival game and from there it came to the soil of America as Beano.

The carnival pitchman who brought the earlier version of Bingo to America, as a tent game, named it as Beano. On 1929, the founder of a Bingo saw Beano being played in a carnival near Atlanta. Edwin S. Lowe played Beano with his friend and saw that the game had potential of becoming a household name.

Soon, Bingo spread to every corner of America and then to other parts of the world like UK, Asia, Mexico, Australia and Canada.

Bingo as charity game

With its birth, Bingo was spreading quickly as an exciting family game to be played with friends and family. In 19th century, a catholic priest decided to organize charity Bingo games to collect fund money for the church. The experiment of using Bingo game turned out to be a major success, as by the year 1934 a large section of church community was involved in charity games and as per the estimation over 10,000 Bingo games were being organized every week.

Community Bingo

Bingo was now a family game, party game and a major source of entertainments in community gatherings. The growing craze of Bingo and its social benefits were now attracting businessmen, with plans to open special place for playing Bingo.

Bingo Halls were the next big thing with separate areas for Bingo players, where traditional cardboard Bingo games were organized.

Bingo variations

With Bingo’s popularity, people were also discovering new variants to it which differ in Bingo number cards and winning patterns. Different countries were now using different variations, While 75 Ball Bingo was gripping America, 90 Ball Bingo was becoming a rage in UK, Asia and Australia.

Online Bingo

With internet and web technology entering every house, the classic board Bingo and electronic Bingo had a new competition in form of online Bingo.

Online Bingo has its benefits which is why it is now becoming popular even among traditional Bingo players. You can easily log in to an online Bingo website, deposit money through safe payment options and start playing Bingo. Best part is that online Bingo can be played anytime of the day, from any corner of the world as well as it offers some outstanding bonuses too.

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